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Data Modernization

Our big data consulting and development services allow you to innovate, experiment with new tools, explore new ways of leveraging data, and continuously optimize your big data solutions.

Our team of world-class data engineers will help you design and build a custom Data Warehouse that will accommodate massive data volumes, new data types, and new data processing workloads. We can also help you with legacy system retirement, replacing traditional Data Warehouse with a modern one optimized for today’s requirements in big data, analytics, real-time operation, high-performance, and cost control. Traditional warehouses were never designed to handle the growing volume, variety, and velocity of Big Data. As new business practices require bigger and fresher data, you might have already thought about modernization of your Data Warehouse to keep it competitive, growing, and aligned with new business and technology requirements. Technical success depends on the team – our team can bring years of experience with big data engineering and analytics to your company, and ensure success of your Data Warehousing project.


Project Leadership

Drive mission critical initiates to success through world class project management, delivery management and Industry SME's 

Blue Vector provides project leadership that helps our clients plan, launch, implement and manage their technology driven initiatives.   Through the implementation of industry leading best practices our clients realize the fundamental benefits from successful delivery of dynamic, complex, and mission critical IT projects

How we do it:

We were founded on the belief that technology initiatives achieve a higher rate of success when supported by strong knowledge assets, frameworks, and experienced teams. We focus on ensuring your projects deliver their expected results by utilizing our core solutions which are designed to provide guidance and leadership throughout the entire project lifecycle: from Business Case Definition through Application Retirement. We provide these solutions with our locally based, practitioner led delivery teams, combined with Partner level oversight.

Multi-Dimensional PMO perspective 

With decades of experience developing complex mission critical technology projects, Blue Vector has developed a multi-dimensional PMO framework. We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach does not take into consideration the uniqueness of your business needs or the technical PMO strategy. Our balanced approach integrates the following 5 perspectives:

  • Business Focus

  • Knowledge Management Focus

  • Project Management Focus

  • People & Resource Management Focus

  • Enterprise Risk Focus

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