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Services Overview 

Extend your team, build a new team, or have Blue Vector manage operations

There are three distinct ways for us to work together. Each service model balances your project involvement and your product ownership in a slightly different way. You can extend your in-house capacity, execute a project, or deliver a product with a team that adapts to you and completes your organization. Choose the model that matches your current needs and priorities.

Team Augmentation

We provide you access world class talent to help you interview, choose, and  hire the best candidates for team augmentation.

You internal team is augmented with individual contributors at your office or in our development centers 

Team Augmentation

We take responsibility for the team setup and operation, while you are first-hand involved in defining the work packages.

Your extended team operations just like your in-house one but  located on our premises. You stay in control without investing extra time and effort.


We handle requirements management, development, quality assurance, and operations.

You get your project on time, on budget, with minimal involvement.

Team Augmentation 
Your team. Smart, capable, and closely aligned

We help you transfer product knowledge to align individual contributors with your in-house team, keep people motivated and loyal, and ensure personal development and growth. We advise on the aspects you need to strengthen, apply agile transformation practices, provide business analysis services, assist with a software architecture, and help manage your software life cycle

A Team Augmentation approach provides:

  • On-Demand resourcing strategies 

  • Access to Subject Matter Experts in multiple fields

  • Expand and enhance skill sets of your existing team

  • Rapid team expansion options
  • Leverage multi-location development frameworks 
Dedicated Team
Your team. Smart, capable, and closely aligned

Just within a few weeks you will get a core software engineering team of three to five dedicated developers operating in our facilities. We set up, scale, and manage your agile development team. You have direct access to and control over the sprint deliverables, just like you do with your in-house engineers. Plus you get all the advantages of our India outsourcing location, including lower costs and a high level of expertise.

A dedicated Team approach provides:

  • Access to Talent Pool

  • Easy Administration

  • Excellent Infrastructure 

  • Talent Management

  • Delivery Management 

  • Consulting Services 

Managed Delivery
Your Project. On time, on budget, on scope

We set up a managed development team for you and take responsibility for all processes, from requirements management and project planning to quality assurance, deployment, and DevOps. We ensure that your managed development team works efficiently on your project. All you need to do is provide your high-level requirements and we’ll take care of everything else. On time, on budget, on scope – you can have all three

A Managed Delivery approach provides:

  • Quick Project Start

  • Hand-over of Responsibility

  • Focus on Core Business 

  • Transparent Delivery Process

  • Expanded Knowledge base 

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